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How Do I Get My Medical Bills Paid

Medical bills can pile up after an accident. How do you get your medical bills paid? That is one of the top questions asked by an accident victim.

There are different medical benefits available to you depending on the type of accident in New Jersey.

What is A Third Party Case?

A Third Party case is a case against a third party. Ok, that wasn’t very helpful. Let us try again.

Third Party cases exist when an employee (The First Party) is injured in the course of their employment and have a negligence claim against another person or company (the Third Party) who is not their employer (the Second Party).

Fall Down Accidents You are walking on a sidewalk, all of the sudden you find yourself falling and you try to stop your fall but the next thing you know you are on the ground. You try to move but the pain from your fractured wrist is overpowering. A stranger asks you, “Are you ok” You say, “Yes”, but really mean “No” but the pain and the shock

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Crime Lab Kits: EduScience Deluxe Forensics Lab Kit, black fingerprint power, by Toys”R”Us; Inside Intelligence Secret Spy kit, white fingerprint powder by Buy-Rite.

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If you are involved in an car accident in New Jersey, you must be prepared to act properly to avoid getting in trouble.


On occasion an insurance company will raise the Intoxication Defense (NJSA 34:15-7) to prevent an injured worker from receiving workers compensation benefits.


Most drivers in New Jersey are unaware of whether they have selected a Verbal Threshold or a No Threshold option on their insurance policy.

What is a Verbal Threshold or No Threshold? Verbal Threshold limits your right to sue if you are injured in an automobile accident. No Threshold provides that you have no limitation on your right to sue if you are injured in an automobile accident.

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